Covid Procedures

The paypal is still not up and running so this Thursdays TT will be a cash on the day again. Please check Facebook before departing, as the forecast is for rain in the afternoon, so the event might be cancelled last minute. ALSO, we are tightening up our covid procedures, please do not congregate at the start / finish, only 4 riders at the start at any one time. Although you can have six groups of six that are all 2 meters apart, to a passing motorist it just looks like 40 people at the side of the road having a chat. If you want to meet up with friends then please arrange to do so at a different location.  Please wear a mask when collecting numbers.  Please remember to bring a rear light it is a mandatory CTT rule. We hope to ease these rules when we are allowed. We have had some quite reasonable complaints from the local residence at the start layby. Can you please refrain from; urinating at the start, dropping litter (sports gels) and parking in the layby. We use this start a lot and life will be easier for us all if we do not irritate the neighbours.

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  • Hi, I don’t appear to have a start time yet, is this a known problem that is being resolved? Thanks

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